snow white party ideas This darling woodland themed Snow White party from Shauna of Cupcake with Character is brimming with gorgeous sweets, custom art work and creative nature inspired decor! From the perfect custom Snow White  tutu dress and a magic mirror, to the glittering apples, stacked cookies and a stunning cake, this sweet party has everything a little princess could ask for! Our favorite details… -Glittered apple cookies -Toadstool cake pops -Custom tutu princess dress -Wooden laser-cut dwarf name signs snow white party ideas ktmp_32214_snowwhite-2-3144748685-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-3-3144748670-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-4-3144748657-O (1)   ktmp_32214_snowwhite-5-3144748562-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-6-3144748571-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-7-3144748537-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-8-3144748557-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-9-3145540803-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-10-3145540788-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-11-3145540781-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-12-3145540756-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-13-3145540746-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-14-3145540701-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-15-3145540667-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-16-3145540688-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-17-3145540673-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-18-3145588699-O     ktmp_32214_snowwhite-21-3145588687-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-22-3146242689-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-23-3146242687-O   ktmp_32214_snowwhite-25-3147193338-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-26-3147193327-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-27-3147193301-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-28-3147193281-O   ktmp_32214_snowwhite-30-3147193295-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-32-3147193208-O   ktmp_32214_snowwhite-33-3147193215-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-34-3147193217-O   ktmp_32214_snowwhite-36-3147765700-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-37-3147765669-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-38-3147765705-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-39-3147765590-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-40-3147765592-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-41-3147765578-O ktmp_32214_snowwhite-42-3147765587-O Here is what Shauna of Cupcake with Character had to say about the event: “For my daughter Ella’s 5th birthday party she wanted a Snow White inspired party. I wanted to style a party that was different then all the Snow White parties out there. I decided to focus on the woodland aspect of the movie and use red with a navy blue as the main colors. For the backdrop I used burlap, twine, clothespins and my fabric bunting. Easy for anyone to recreate. I made a red ruffled table cloth to make the dessert table “pop” with color. I bought slabs of wood at Michaels and Joann Fabric for the cookie desserts and cupcakes. Simply Bashing handmade the red and navy glittered dessert stands for the apples and cake. So beautiful! I used faux trees, decorative birds and butterflies I bought at Michael’s to give the table a more realistic woodland feel. I incorporated moss throughout the table as well. One of my favorite parts of the dessert table were the cake pops by Autumn of Autumn Lynn Chocolate Sins! I used a foam block in a mini wood crate I painted gold. I then covered the foam with moss. Super easy to make and will hold your cake pops in a creative and fun way. The cake, well it speaks for itself. AMAZING! Vista of Dolce Vista Cakes is an artist to say the least. Each detail of the cake fit the theme perfectly. The grass, trees, flowers, mushrooms, and especially each woodland animal she created by hand. The cake was a work of art and absolutely delicious! Each dessert, favor cups, beautiful banners and invitation, felt toadstool garland, baking cups, paper straws, stands, vinyl decals for push pops and more, played such an important role in making this a special 5th birthday party for Ella. Thank you! Vendor Credits: Cupcake With Character : Party stylists and idea conception, handmade ruffled table cloth, handmade fabric bunting, gold and polka dot rag bunting and polka dot runner Katie Moffitt: Photography Celebration Lane: Mini polka dot baking cups, paper favor bags, paper straws Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins: Red glittered candy apples and toadstool cake pops Sunny by Design: Water color silhouette of Ella “birthday girl” Kima’s Konfections: Glittered apple sugar cookies & stacked golden mirror and apple cookies Sweet U Off Your Feet: Apple oreos Punk N Pie Couture: Snow White inspired tutu Tutus & Bowties: Hair Bows Painting Paris Pink: Bling Sticks on candy apples Made by a Princess: Glittered apple & Snow white paper cupcake toppers Cupcakes by Cristy: Glittered royal icing apples and gold crowns Fizzy Party: Mushroom Felt Garland Print and Cut My Printables: Apple paper cutouts and vinyl for push pops From Me, With Love: Party Printables (banners, signage, invitation, gift tags) I Have a Favor: Woodland animal favor cups Hoopla Events: Striped Baking cups & milk bottles Simply Bashing: Glittered dessert stands in red and navy Pretty My Party : apple and striped wooden utensils Ten 23 Designs: Wood photo props (seven dwarfs names) Dolce Vista Cakes: Cake 4 Kids Cakes: Fondant Cupcake Toppers Fancy and Fold: Glittered gold crown photo prop

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8 Responses to “Sweetly Feature: Snow White Party”

  1. Britni says:

    Oh my goodness, this is such a gorgeous party! I love everything but the toadstool cake pops are definitely my favorite.

  2. Dee says:

    Holy cow! This is an awesome party!!! Love the details like the mirror and push up pops!
    Love, love!!!

    Dee from

  3. ashley says:

    What an adorable party!

  4. Vanessa says:

    What an absolutely adorable party for an adorable little girl!

  5. Wow—that’s a pretty amazing party! I love all the woodland animals on the cake!

  6. Super cute party! Lovin’ that red ruffled table cloth!

  7. WendyKate says:

    So cute. Wish my bonus daughters will still little enough for this.

  8. Karen says:

    How cute! I love the sparkle on those cookies.

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