04. 27. 2015

DIY Spring Topiary

Pretty pastels, sweet polka dots, and darling little animals can only mean one thing…Spring is on it’s way!   That’s why Candace of Lillypaul Designs is here to share a simple DIY Spring Topiary tutorial, perfect for some added Spring décor cuteness.  This topiary would also make an adorable addition to a tea party or add some butterfly embellishments and it is perfect for a fairy garden party!

Materials Needed:

-5 inch Styrofoam ball

-12 inch dowel rod

-Craft paint and paint brush

-Assorted craft flowers

-Loose moss


-Hot Glue Gun

DIY Spring Topiary Materials

I picked up all of my craft supplies from Michaels Craft Stores for under $20.00!  The white lace container I found at IKEA but you can swap that out with any container you like; a vintage mason jar would be adorable!  Now that you have your supplies you are ready to create!

Step 1:  Using craft paint, paint the dowel rod and set to the side to let dry.

Step 2:  Using the hot glue, carefully cover the Styrofoam ball with the loose moss until the ball is completely covered and you can’t see any white.

DIY Spring Topiary 2

DIY Spring Topiary 3

DIY Spring Topiary 4

Step 3:  Once the dowel rod is dry, insert it firmly in place to the bottom of the Styrofoam ball

DIY Spring Topiary 5

DIY Spring Topiary 6

Step 4:  Using the hot glue, begin to glue on the assorted flowers directly onto the moss covered Styrofoam ball.  I had decided to layer various flowers on top of each other to add a bit more detail.  You could also glue tiny pearls or other embellishments on the center of the flowers for some extra cuteness!

DIY Spring Topiary 7

DIY Spring Topiary 8

Step 5:  Assemble the topiary into the base container by placing a piece of floral foam or extra Styrofoam into the base first.  Once the topiary is secure, fill the base with remaining loose moss.

DIY Spring Topiary Final 2

DIY Spring Topiary Final


Tutorial Concept:  Lillypaul Designs

Photography:  Elle Baker Photography

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  1. Susan Noble says:

    So cute! Very elegant for any type of spring event or party

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