We just adore chic ways to dress up a cocktail, so when we spotted these simple and cute DIY Rainbow Fringe Stir Sticks created by Lisa Frank of Hand Crafted Parties, we just knew we had to share!  With just a few simple and inexpensive supplies and a few minutes of time, your drinks will go from boring to fab!


A great way to dress up your drink  is with fresh fruit, fancy ice cubes, or a festive drink stirrer.  My favorite 5 minute drink stir stick, besides a skewer of fruit, is a DIY fringe stir stick.  A few strands of shiny mylar dress up the crepe paper a bit…or go full on glam for an evening cocktail party by making them entirely out of mylar.  Each stick takes only about 5 minutes to make, so you can whip up a whole rainbow lickety split!


DIY FRINGE STIR STICKS // Supplies:  crepe paper streamers, gold mylar shred (dollar stores), bamboo skewer, scissors, double sided tape

Step 1 // Cut 6 strips of 5″ long crepe paper streamers for each stir stick.  (I used two shades of each color, so 3 strips of each color per stir stick.)  Stack the strips in a pile, alternating colors if you wish.  Cut fringe strips approx. 1/4 inch apart, leaving about 1″ uncut at the the top.

Step 2 // Separate the strips into two piles (3 fringed strips in each).  At the uncut top of one stack, place a piece of double sided tape all the way across.  Place strips of gold mylar shred across the tape.  Trim gold mylar strands approx. 1/2″ longer than the crepe paper.  Place second stack of fringed crepe paper back on top of the gold mylar stack and align all top edges.


Step 3 //  Place a strip of double sided tape all the way across the top of your crepe paper stack.  Place the pointed end of a bamboo skewer on the tape, with the skewer and crepe paper stack pointing out in opposite directions (see photo).  Tightly roll the entire stack of crepe paper around the bamboo skewer.


Step 4 // Cut a 1/2 inch wide strip of crepe paper and cover it with double sided tape.  (You can also use washi tape or gold mylar tape instead.) Wrap this strip around the base of the fringe to hold all the layers in place.


 Shake that fringe around to fluff it up and you’re ready to party!  These DIY rainbow fringe stir sticks are just so bright and cheery, I couldn’t help smile as I took pictures of them…a lot of pictures!  :)  Of course, you can match the crepe paper streamer colors to your own party (black-white-gold for a glam night, pastels for Spring parties or Easter, etc.) and you can find many colors of mylar shred at Dollar Tree, or online.  A $1 bag will pretty much last forever!




Now that your drink glasses are party-ready, your hardest decision will be narrowing down which delicious drink to serve!

Thank you Lisa, for sharing this simple and chic way to dress up any drink!  To learn more about Lisa, visit her website, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest !

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  1. Amanda says:

    What a fun and easy DIY to add a little pizzazz!

  2. shauna says:

    these are so cute!!

  3. This is such a cute idea.

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