When we came across this fun & fabulous Kate Spade inspired pinata and gift box DIY from our friend Lisa Frank of Hand Crafted Parties we just knew we had to share!  We love how she took a traditional party activity or favor and made it so modern & chic!  You won’t want to miss out on how to create your very own glam pinata or gift box!

I recently “met” Suzanne Olvey of Fanciful Events as we chatted over Instagram and struck up a friendship.  I was thrilled when she asked me if I would be interested in contributing two DIY Easter crafts for the April issue of  Carousel Party magazine and I couldn’t wait to jump on the chance!  My Pinatas Gone Glam article is on pages 43-44 in the magazine.  I’ll also share more about my Pastel Pretties DIY wooden Easter baskets [pages 41-42] and crepe paper flower party lights this week!  I want to give a very special thanks and credit to my friend and fabulous blogger Lia Griffith, who took the beautiful photographs of my projects for the magazine.

As Suzanne and I were brainstorming ideas for the magazine, she suggested an Easter egg pinata.  I’ve seen them done beautifully before in traditional soft pastels, but I wanted to try something different.  Black and white stripes paired with gold have been at the top of my “smitten list” lately and I’ve been drooling over Kate Spade’s black, white and gold stationery line filled with chic polka dots and rugby stripes.  I pretty much want to put stripes on all.the.things.  Add some shiny metallic gold mylar and glitter and I’m hooked!


These chic crafts also hold a special secret…they can be made as traditional pinatas, or you can transform them into gift boxes with a hinged lid.  Pinata-style gift boxes in black + white stripes, gold mylar or polka dots are a perfect choice for all you fashion-forward ladies out there…and how darling would these be for bridesmaids gifts, a bachelorette party, graduation or Mother’s Day!  Personally, these are going to bring a little chic and whimsy on display in my office, filled with supplies like gift tags, washi tape and mini notepads.


EASTER EGG PINATA + GIFT BOX SUPPLIES // Easter egg templates: small, medium and large, pieces of cardboard (I used an old shipping box), black and white crepe paper (streamers or flat folds cut into 1.5″ strips), masking tape, double sided tape, Elmer’s glue, hot glue + clear packing tape (not pictured), scissors, ric rac trim (gold metallic is from Walmart in sewing section), gold glitter paper (Michaels), gold stripe wrapping paper (Target), bow templates by Lia Griffith.


PINATA + GIFT BOX: STEP 1 // Trace 2 egg shapes onto cardboard using the template size of your choice (small, medium or large).  Cut out using sharp scissors or a box cutter.  Also cut 1.5″ wide straight strips of cardboard in a length that will go all the way around the outside of your egg.  You can patch together shorter strips if needed.


PINATA + GIFT BOX: STEP 2 //  Rip or cut 2 inch strips of masking tape in preparation for assembling your pinata or treat box.  Place tape strips around the edge of your egg template and then lay your template face down, so that the sticky side of the tape is facing up.  Gently bend a 1.5″ wide strip of cardboard so that it curves and conforms to the shape of your egg.  Place the cardboard strip flush against the outside of the egg shaped template.  Wrap the strips of masking tape up onto the sides of the strip to hold the base and sides together.  Repeat this process around the entire egg shape*

*Note:  To create a traditional pinata with a flap that opens so that you can fill your pinata with treats, leave a 2-3 inch section of the cardboard strip untaped, bending the strip outwards to mark where the flap will be as you continue to assemble the pinata.  (see photo below)

If you want to create a gift box with a “hinged” lid, continue taping the cardboard strip all the way around the egg shape at this point.  This will create the base of your gift box.


{Leave a section of cardboard untaped to create a flap for filling pinata with candy.}


PINATA: STEP 3 //  After your base and sides are taped together, place your second cardboard egg template on top, lining up all edges.  Use masking tape to tape the top to the sides, just like you did for the base.  Leave the flap open and untaped.  At this point, you are ready to start applying the crepe paper fringe to your egg pinata.


GIFT BOX: STEP 3 // After your base and sides are taped together, place your second cardboard egg template on top, lining up all edges.  Cut a 2 inch long strip of clear packing tape.  Carefully open the lid (top template) of the egg, holding the left edges flush together.  Place the packing tape tightly onto the inside of the lid and the inside wall of the side of the egg. (see photo above)  This will create a hinged lid for your gift box.


GIFT BOX: STEP 4 // Now it’s time to decorate the interior of the gift box.  Use your egg template to trace 2 eggs onto the back side of the gold + white striped wrapping paper; cut out.  Also cut a 1.5″ wide strip of wrapping paper that will fit around the inside wall of the gift box.  Using double sided tape, adhere wrapping paper egg shapes to the inside of the lid and the bottom/base of the box.  Use double sided tape to adhere the 1.5 inch strip of wrapping paper to the inside walls of the box.

Working in 2 inch sections, run a line of hot glue around the perimeter of the inside lid, the interior base of the box and the top edge of the box to trim out all the edges/seams with ric rac.  (I used gold metallic ric rac on a larger version and black ric rac for the small egg in this tutorial.)

PINATA + GIFT BOX: STEP 4 // To create a striped pinata, first you will need to fringe your crepe paper.  Lay long lengths of crepe paper streamers out in front of you and cut 1/4 inch slits from the bottom edge to the center of the crepe paper strip.  Continue this process down the entire length of each section of streamers.  To save time, you can first fold your crepe paper streamers back and forth on top of themselves to create a long, continuous stack and then fringe the whole stack at once…just make sure to include cutting 1/4 inch slits at the ends where the stack is folded.


PINATA + GIFT BOX: STEP 5 // Apply a line of Elmer’s glue around the perimeter of your egg, along with lines all the way across, approx. 1/2 inch apart.  Starting at the bottom, place two strips of black fringed crepe paper on the glue lines and gently press into place.  Repeat with two strips of white fringed crepe paper.  (I used a double layer of crepe on the first row, where the white and black overlap, for better coverage.)  Continue this striped pattern, working up towards the top of your egg.


PINATA + GIFT BOX: STEP 6 // Flip your pinata over so that you can see the back side, where the fringed crepe paper overhangs.  Use scissors to trim away the excess, leaving a 1/4 inch border all the way around (so that the cardboard edge is not visible).  Repeat the process of gluing the fringed crepe paper onto the back side of the pinata and trimming it.


PINATA + GIFT BOX: STEP 7 //  Fringe the sides: Starting at the base of the egg, apply strips of fringed crepe paper up one side of the egg at a time, stopping at the top.  Turn the egg to the other side and apply fringe from bottom to top, covering the seam at the top where the two sides meet with a piece of fringed crepe paper.  (Apply crepe paper strips all the way to the edge of the flap of your pinata and wrap a bit of extra crepe paper over the exposed edge of the cardboard flap.  You now have a “trap door” that you can gently tuck inside the pinata to keep it in place, but it’s also easily accessible for when you need to fill your pinata.  You can also empty your pinata this way, if you do not wish to smash it.  You can tape a loop of baker’s twine or ribbon inside the flap for easier access, if desired.)  Trim away excess fringed crepe paper on each side of the egg.


PINATA + GIFT BOX: STEP 8 // Decorate with a glitter bow:  trace the bow template onto the back of a piece of glitter paper and cut out.  Place the curvy bow template face down and put a dab of hot glue in the center, bending one end of the bow over the top to secure.  Repeat on other side.  Flip the bow over and glue to the center of the notched end piece of the bow template.  Wrap the small strip around the center and hot glue to secure on the back.  Use hot glue to adhere the glitter bow onto the center of your striped egg pinata.



This gold mylar mini egg pinata was made using the tutorial above, but swapping out crepe paper for fringed strips of gold mylar paper.  Mylar is available at craft stores, usually near the tissue paper.  If you’re using mylar, you’ll need to adhere it to your cardboard base with Scotch tape–glue will not hold it securely.

For the Carousel Party magazine feature, I also created a large white egg pinata that I covered with strips oftissue paper festooning (shopsweetlulu.com) and then glued gold glitter polka dots on top, which were made with glitter paper and a Martha Stewart 1″ circle punch.  I love the fluffiness of festooning and the way it created a different texture than traditional fringed crepe paper.  Plus, it comes already fringed, so all you have to do is glue it on!  Give it a try–I guarantee it’ll be your fastest DIY pinata ever!

Are you as obsessed with the black, white and gold trend as I am?  What are your favorite ways to incorporate these colors and patterns into your home decor or party designs?

Happy crafting!


Thank you Lisa, for sharing these fun and fabulous DIY Party Hats!  To learn more about Lisa, visit her websiteInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest !

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