11. 11. 2014

diy cake stand

  We simply adore metallic gold, and cake plates…and cake, so this chic and inexpensive project is right up our alley! Suzanne, of Sweetopia Events, is here today sharing a gorgeous DIY Gold Cake Plate tutorial and we simply can’t wait to share! We just love how dynamic this project is–it would be fabulous from a wedding, to a princess party, even as a part of a stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece! Thanks Suzanne,  for sharing this creative and useful tutorial!

Here’s a cheap and fun DIY project, which you can do in one afternoon…

diy cake stand

1. Gather the following materials:

1 x wooden spindle (Length = 15cm (6 inches))
1 x wooden “teapot stand” (Large circle: diameter = 18cm (7 inches))
2 x wooden “coasters” (Small circles: diameter = 9cm (3.5 inches))A sheet of sand paper
A small hacksaw
Wood PVA Glue
A can of white spray paint (as an undercoat)
A can of gold spray paint (or whatever colour your heart desires)

All the above items can be obtained from your local hardware store!

2. Cut off the dowel ends from your spindle using your hacksaw.

3. Use the sheet of sand paper to smooth off any uneven surfaces.

4. It’s important to get the ends of your spindle smooth and flat so it sits flush on your circular pieces. Test it out by pre-assembling your components together prior to glue-ing.

5. Note: this cake stand will be assembled upside-down. Once you are happy with your spindle, flip the wooden teapot stand (large circle) so that the bottom is facing up. Find the centre of the circle and apply a dab of glue. Let that dry for about 20 minutes.

6. In the mean time, apply some wood PVA glue to one piece of the wooden coaster (small circle).

7. Adhere the second piece of the wooden coaster to the first and press together firmly. I’m using two pieces here, as one coaster is too thin to support my cake stand.

8. Let that dry for about 20 minutes. Mark out the centre of your coaster before glue-ing it to the other end of your spindle. If necessary, wipe off any excess glue.

9. Once completely dried, you can then turn your cake stand right side up. I applied white spray paint as an undercoat, followed by 2 coats of gold paint. Let each coat dry before applying the next coat…

10. “TA-DA!!” – you have a chic and beautiful cake stand that doesn’t break the bank!

a1/a2. Think outside the box! Who says that cake stands need to be round?!  I found a daisy-shaped wooden coaster and placemat in my local hardware store and paired it up with a wooden candlestick (alternative to using a spindle). Perfect for a little girl’s birthday or garden party!

 DIY Gold Cake Stand

Important notes:

**If you plan to put food directly onto the cake stand, you need to ensure you seal it with a food safe sealant. Otherwise, just place a doily on the stand so your food doesn’t have direct contact with the paint. I am not an expert on the “food safety” aspects of spray paint. But, better to be safe than sorry!

**Although I’ve called this a cake stand, I’m wary about placing an actual cake on it due to a cake’s density and weight. Remember that this DIY project has been assembled with glue only. Therefore, I’d encourage you to use this stand for smaller baked items only, like cupcakes and cakepops.

**The sizes of your wooden top, base and height of your spindle is rather important. Ideally the base should be at least half the size of the top. You also need to ensure that your spindle is an appropriate height in comparison to your top and base to achieve stability.

Thank you Suzanne, for sharing this gorgeous and creative DIY!  To learn more about Suzanne and Sweetopia Events, you can find them on FacebookInstagramPinterest and on their website! Be sure to read about Suzanne on our Contributor Page!

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  1. shauna says:

    this is beautiful! love it.

  2. Petite Bebe says:

    Very nice – Maybe I could make it :)

  3. Jacqui says:

    I love how elegant this looks. Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

  4. This is awesome! I definitely want to try it.

  5. Britni says:

    Beautiful cake stand! Looks so elegant.

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