02. 11. 2016

Sweetly Chic Events & Design DIY Floral Chair Garland

One of our top items to style with for our events has to be fresh flowers! Flowers bring a lovely sense of sweet whimsy to any event, and we truly love  incorporating them into our designs. We took a simple, yet unique approach to one of the floral concepts for our Be Our Guest Belle Tea Party, and created pink floral chair garlands. You can learn how to make these beautiful garlands as well by following the tutorial below!


Supplies Needed:

-Flowers (we chose carnations)


- A Needle



First begin by  using your scissors or floral shears to snip a flower at the base of the bloom where it meets the stem

Sweetly Chic DIY Chair Back Garlands

Repeat step 1  with approximately 12-14 more of your flowers


Now, take your ribbon (24 inches in length) and thread it through your needle and tie a loose knot

Sweetly Chic DIY Chair Back Garlands

Next, take one of your cut flowers  gently thread your needle through the center of the bloom and push it through until your needle exits the back/stem end of your flower

Sweetly Chic DIY Chair Back Garlands


Continue pulling your needle through until your first flower has almost reached the end of your ribbon. Be sure to leave a few inches of slack of your ribbon, leaving just enough excess to later tie your garland to your chair.
Repeat this step with your remaining flower blooms, threading them so each bloom touches the stem of the bloom that proceeds it

Sweetly Chic DIY Chair Back Garlands

Once you have threaded all of your blooms, your floral garland is complete!

Sweetly Chic DIY Chair Back Garlands

Simply tie both ends of your ribbon to the back of a chair of your choosing and you have a simple and sweet detail that adds a touch of fresh femininity to any party!



To see all of the details from our “Be Our Guest Belle Tea Party”, click here!

Be Our Guest Belle Tea Party Photography by Expressions by Nicole Marie

We initially shared this sweet and simple DIY on the fabulous Princesses & Tiaras!

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